optimisticPersistence.sessionStorage : arrayDefault: undefined

Array that contains a list with param names that needs to be saved in the sessionStorage. You need to specify guid on the initialization of the grid in order to enable this feature.

This feature is using HTML5 sessionStorage to store params and values.You can clear the data saved in sessionStorage when you open and close the browser.



 <p>Change the page and/or page size and then refresh the grid. </p>
 <table id="grid"></table>
     var grid = $('#grid').grid({
         guid: '58d47231-ac7b-e6d2-ddba-5e0195b31f2f',
         uiLibrary: 'bootstrap',
         dataSource: '/Players/Get',
         columns: [ { field: 'ID', width: 36 }, { field: 'Name' }, { field: 'PlaceOfBirth' } ],
         optimisticPersistence: { sessionStorage: ["page", "limit"] },
         pager: { limit: 2, sizes: [2, 5, 10, 20] }