column.editField : StringDefault: undefined

The name of the field in the grid data where the grid is going to set the new value.

This is usable when the editor is interface with key/value pairs like dropdowns where the key needs to be updated in a different field..


Bootstrap 4

 <table id="grid"></table>
         uiLibrary: 'bootstrap4',
         dataSource: '/Players/Get',
         columns: [
             { field: 'Name', editor: true },
             { field: 'CountryName', type: 'dropdown', editor: { dataSource: '/Locations/GetCountries', valueField: 'id' }, editField: 'CountryID' },
             { field: 'DateOfBirth', type: 'date', editor: true },
             { field: 'IsActive', title: 'Active?', type:'checkbox', editor: true, mode: 'editOnly', width: 80, align: 'center' }