iconsLibrary : (materialicons|fontawesome|glyphicons)Default: 'materialicons'

The name of the icons library that is going to be in use. Currently we support Material Icons, Font Awesome and Glyphicons.

If you use Bootstrap 3 as uiLibrary, then the iconsLibrary is set to Glyphicons by default.
If you use Material Design as uiLibrary, then the iconsLibrary is set to Material Icons by default.
The css files for Material Icons, Font Awesome or Glyphicons should be manually included to the page where the grid is in use.


Bootstrap 4 FontAwesome

 <div class="container-fluid" style="margin-top:10px">
     <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox"/><br/><br/>
     <button onclick="$chkb.state('checked')" class="btn btn-default">Checked</button>
     <button onclick="$chkb.state('unchecked')" class="btn btn-default">Unchecked</button>
     <button onclick="$chkb.state('indeterminate')" class="btn btn-default">Indeterminate</button>
     <button onclick="$chkb.prop('disabled', false)" class="btn btn-default">Enable</button>
     <button onclick="$chkb.prop('disabled', true)" class="btn btn-default">Disable</button>
     var $chkb = $('#checkbox').checkbox({
         uiLibrary: 'bootstrap4',
         iconsLibrary: 'fontawesome'